Video: 488 GTB Battles the 911 Turbo S

Video: 488 GTB Battles the 911 Turbo S

Some people were concerned when Ferrari announced that the successor to the 458 would not have the screaming, atmospheric V8 that everyone had grown to love. An engine that thrived on revs, yet produced ample power from the mid-range onwards, the 4.5-liter, F136 F motor was a jewel. And, with the tendency turbochargers have to dull the driving experience, what would a newer, smaller motor with a hairdryer strapped to each bank do to the dynamics of the car? More importantly, would it lose some of its rawness?

Perhaps the antithesis to the mid-engined, entry-level Ferrari has always been, the 911 Turbo. Though the two aren’t in the same price bracket, they’re both prevalent in the wealthier parts of the world. The Porsche is the more subdued, quiet machine, but still very capable, and is arguably the definitive lawyer/doctor sports GT. Despite their different characters, their performances have always been comparable.

The Ferrari is, without doubt, the more captivating car. More power and less weight allow it to really shine in the high-speed sections. However, the Porsche’s weight bias and intelligent four-wheel drive system help put all that power to the ground with little effort. What some might not expect is the Ferrari, far from being a highly-strung thoroughbred, rides the country lanes with more civility and poise. That might’ve surprised the fans of the uber-practical sportscar from the Fatherland.

Additionally, it’s obvious that the of forced induction with the 488 GTB has not diluted the driving experience. If it might’ve lost some of that top-end zing, it more than makes up for it with unbelievable mid-range torque and virtually no turbo lag. There’s no lack of control either; the turbocharged motor is still flexible and allows the driver to balance the car when it slides, and with the unbelievable amount of grip, that is very hard to do. Don’t let us stop you from trying, though.

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