Video: Google Exec’s Wife Thrashes the FXX-K at Fiorano!
She's even got a yellow racesuit to match.

Video: Google Exec’s Wife Thrashes the FXX-K at Fiorano!

Three years ago, I had been saving my shekels so I could try my hand at the Skip Barber Formula cars on one of the greatest racetracks in the world, Laguna Seca. Once there, the introduction was smooth and the staff friendly, and naturally, I struck up conversation with the other pupils in my class. One student was a cheery, unassuming, middle-aged woman who just beamed when you spoke to her about cars and racing. It was her first time in a formula car, but she told me that she adored Ferraris and sure enough, her yellow 458 was parked outside.
She’s even got a yellow racesuit to match.

It seems she’s taken her hobby seriously over the last few years, since now she’s flogging one of forty FXX-Ks in existence – and it’s very yellow. More importantly, she’s been allowed access to Fiorano, but I suppose when you’re able to pick up the $3M hypercar, certain doors open for you. Besides, it means the Ferrari staff that comes with the car doesn’t have to travel as far.

Perhaps Skip Barber could use this as promotional footage, since it shows what their course can provide their students with. Her driving is textbook-smooth, and she puts the 1,036 hybrid ponies to the ground with some delicacy. Not daunted by the guardrails or the Saturn-V speed this car possesses, she shows just how quickly one can rise to driving excellence if they put in the time and effort. She might not ride all the curbs (1:01) like the Formula One drivers around the course, but she puts in one hell of a lap. Hats off Christine, you’ve certainly earned the hashtag/title #Racewife.

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