Ferrari FXX-K Hits 200+ MPH at Daytona!

Ferrari FXX-K Hits 200+ MPH at Daytona!

With banking and 1,035 horses on tap, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the FXX-K could break the 200-MPH mark. In fact, we assumed it would, even with the shorter gearing of a track car. However, we never though it would do it so easily. Going by the carefree body language of the driver, you’d just as easily assume they were taking a drive through the country on a noisy Sunday afternoon.

With the benefit of a tow from the FXX-K in front, the camera car gets up an running with no fuss at all. Some might drop their jaw at the speed which this monster accrues in such a short span of time, but the racers among us will take note of the incredible composure at top speed. That incredible aero kit offers the driver some assurance that at speed; a confidence lift is all that’s needed when turning in at 6:23.

Could’ve just as easily been on a cruise through the hills.

Additionally, the stability under braking is just incredible. Even with a tighter-than-usual line off the banking, he has grip in spades and has no trouble braking and turning into the deceptively-slow corner at 6:32. It just seems planted in a way that would make prototypes of the nineties green with envy. Some of that has to do with the reported 1,190 pounds of downforce at 225 mph, and the rest can be attributed to the pizza-sized, carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes measuring 15.7″ up front at a clean 15″ at the rear.

Whatever the reason, it’s a startling amount of performance for something which will never see competition.

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